Our Variety of Hanging Baskets Include:
Fuchsia, Ivy Geraniums, New Guinea Inpatients,  Lobelia, Petunia & Million Bells. 
Perennials Available Include:
Astilbe, Columbine, Bleeding Hearts, Yellow Day Lily, Blue Delphinium, Pulmonaria, and Salvia.  
They are all in six inch pots, $13 each. 
​African Violet in Butterfly, Songbird, or Dragonfly Pots 
$15 each 
Pretty in Pink & Green Mothers Day Bouquet $70
We have a colorful array of
 Potted Begonias $27.50 each 
Drawer Full of Succulents $40 
Dahlias in galvanized Buckets $25
Big & Bright vase arrangement $100
Garden vase $60 & up
Galvanized Watering can  $35
Rectangle Mothers Day Vase Arrangement $35
Sweetheart Bud Vase $20
Large Basket $50, Small Basket $35
 Garden Arrangement in a Farmhouse Galvanized Pitcher $60 
Happy Mothers Day!